The Emblem and Flag


The emblem of Sudan demonstrates the picture of the "Secretary Bird" with the wings spread upwards. There is a frame linking the two wings of the strong bird and the phrase "Victory is ours". The arched frame at the base of the emblem refers to "The Republic of Sudan" .

This emblem was adopted during the first half of 1970s during the rule of ex-president Gafaar Neimeri (1969 -1985), replacing the previous emblem which resembled the Rhino.

The Secretary Bird has  great might and flies at very high skies and has very sharp sight. It can fly for long distances and it is dominant in the areas of Kordofan, Darfur, Blue Nile and in some comparatively arid zones in the southern parts of the country


The Flag


It is composed of three rectangular strips of Red, White and Black colours (from up downward). There is a green triangle in the part near the staff with a sleight that equals one-third of the total length of the flag